Biting (or nipping) is one of the annoying – or to me, scary – thing a new dog does. However, we must keep in mind that it’s natural for them to do especially when they’re still a puppy.

Puppies bite not mostly because of aggression, but because it’s how he explores the world around him. Biting is the main sense dogs use to feel, taste, and touch things around them and how they familiarize with the world.

Luckily, there are things you can do to handle puppy biting. Andre Millan, together with Todd Langston, gives us a few tips on how to handle puppy biting.

1. Yelp!

Todd explained that when a puppy bit another dog so hard during play, the dog will squeak in pain. That sends the signal to the puppy not to do that again.

When a puppy bit you, you can do the same thing. You can yelp, something like “Argh!” to communicate to the puppy you’re hurt – or simply don’t like getting bit.

Once you yelp, try to put your fingers on again and the puppy will probably not bite you again.

2. Redirection

Keep in mind that puppy biting is natural for puppies to do. It’s their way of exploring the world. Trying to stop them from biting is like trying to stop a baby from crawling, touching, seeing, and smelling things. It’s just part of their growth!

The next thing you can do is redirection. It simply means you redirect the puppy bite from your hand – or anything undesirable – to a toy or food.

Foods like bacon are better as it attracts the puppy more because of its smell.

3. Play with your puppy more often

On how to avoid dogs from chewing your furniture, Todd explains that chewing is just one sign of boredom. So the first thing you should do is actually spend more time with the puppy, so he won’t get bored.

Once he got all the exercise he needs, he is less likely to chew stuff.


Puppy biting is natural for puppies. Instead of trying to discourage them from doing it (though we secretly do), it’s best if we learn to cope up with it.

Once the dog grew maturely and properly, he is less likely to bite anyway.

For more explanation about puppy biting and nipping, watch the video below

Source: Cesar Millan via YouTube


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