Many dogs spend a lot of time in a shelter, but this dog, in particular, has lived almost her whole life there. This dog’s name is Pirate, and her issue was the fact that she was an older dog, but then as years went by in the shelter, no person has ever asked to meet her. Pirate had nearly lost all hope and faith on ever being adopted until one person thought Pirate was worth it.

Finding Pirate

Jennifer and her husband are both in the military, and they were about to be stationed in Hawaii, which was why they didn’t have any plans on getting a dog for some time. Jennifer wanted to volunteer in some shelters and found herself scrolling through the dogs up for adoption then Pirate caught her eye. Pirate’s cute look and charm had won Jennifer over just by a picture.

A connection

Jennifer had decided that there was a reason that she noticed Pirate and told the shelter that she wanted to meet Pirate the next day. Jennifer saw that Pirate had lost a lot of life in her eyes, almost like she wanted to give up, and Jennifer just wanted to make Pirate’s life happy. She decided to bring Pirate home to start a new life together.

Pirate’s trust

Jennifer spoiled Pirate with new things like a soft bed and new toys to make sure that her life would be better. Pirate was adjusting well and grew to trust Jennifer. However Jennifer still had to move to Hawaii, and they didn’t have a house yet where they could keep Pirate.

Not giving up

Not having a home didn’t stop Jennifer, for months she visited Pirate every day at the kennel, before and after her work, to spend time with her. After two long months, they finally got a house and brought Pirate to her new home! Jennifer wants to share with others that it doesn’t matter if they only have a few years left; you should make those years count and make their lives worth it!

Source: The Dodo|YouTube


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