If you own a puppy, you will experience a lot of their firsts with you, and more often than not you will see all the love and joy in their eyes! Well, most of the time, because this Shiba Inu’s first bath was not a pleasant experience. While some dogs love taking a bath and feeling clean, this Shiba puppy was hoping that this first bath would be his last.

Shiba facts

Shiba Inus are naturally born hunters and are good at their craft, which is why they can be an energetic bunch. They have a very thick undercoat that keeps them warm during the harsh winters, and they originally came from Japan. However, it’s essential that you do not shock a Shiba, because their wails are almost human-like, which you can see in our featured video of a Shiba Inu’s first bath.

Kevin, the puppy

Kevin, the Shiba Inu, has had a bath before from a breeder, but Shiba Inu’s only need to take a bath every few months, but he was well adjusted to taking a soak, just trying to escape a few times. The owners were careful to make sure that the water was lukewarm to make Kevin comfortable and were very gentle when lathering him with shampoo and rinsing him off. They also encouraged him to like bath time by giving him some treats during the bath.

Time to dry up

While Kevin may have been fine with the bath, he was not too pleased with getting dried up. He was carefully picked up and dried off with a towel, but then came the hair dryer, Kevin’s new mortal enemy. They positioned the hair dryer a safe distance away from Kevin, but Kevin began to whine and try to fight the hair dryer, but it was much more cute than menacing. Kevin was all cleaned but did make a new enemy along the way!

Source: maxmoefoetwo|YouTube


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