An animal shelter located in Kennebec Valley Augusta Maine recently held a wedding for two senior dogs.

Jack and Diane, breed dogs that were inseparable and enjoys each other’s company really well, just recently tied the knot.

They are together since the day they were found in a cemetery with both their leashes intertwined together.

Some members staff at the shelter is quick to notice that the two actually share a unique closeness with each other compared to the other dogs.

They often get observed snuggling each other for hours, according to the staff.

The shelter decided to marry the couple early in February, as a way to inform and give awareness that they are to get adopted as a pair. Potential adopters would have to take both dogs if they decide to adopt any of the two.

The caretakers describe the ten-year-old Jack as a “true gentleman” as he gives out all toys and the bed for Diane.

Seven-year-old Diane has a stronger personality and seems to be the boss among the two canine duos.
She always gets ecstatic whenever she gets reunited with Jack and even does a bit of dance when he approaches her.

The staff members organized the dog wedding since the couple stayed in the facility for some time already and wanted to let people know that they can adopt them as a package.

They timed the occasion during one of their team meetings so everyone can bear witness to the event.

Diane wore a veil with a flowered collar for her big day, while Jack looked grand in a bow tie as he waited on the altar.

The shelter staff acted as the music player, witnesses, and one even officiated the wedding. The two celebrated their first kiss in lieu by picking up a toy each.

The team hopes to find a home for them to stay together however, the shelter later realized that they are to stay better in a quiet retirement home.

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