Thomas McCormack rides the train to work, and one day he got a surprise from his dog, Paddy. His dog just came up at the train and sat beside him. This stunt baffled him; he can’t quite believe what happened.

It turns out that his dog, a male labrador collie, traced his steps and followed him at the station. But that was not the confusing part; he does not know how his dog got out of the house when they have a six-foot fence.

Incidentally, they had a trampoline in the backyard; his neighbors revealed that Paddy jumped at the trampoline to get over the fence. That was clever, right?

It is sweet that the first thing Paddy wants to do when he finally get outside their house is to follow his owner and be with him. Isn’t that something? Even if there are so many places to explore and play, he’d rather be with Thomas.

I think dogs miss us so much when we go outside; they must be worried sick about us — ever noticed how happy they are when we get home? And how sad they are when we prepare to go? Paddy must think that he needs to protect his man at all cost, so he escaped and followed him.

One commenter mentioned that they’re evolving, I can’t help but agree with him. They are indeed learning more, with the skills, the techniques. How did Paddy even come up with that plan?

Paddy is a smart and sweet dog; they are lucky to find each other. I hope we take this time to realize that dogs are our best friends, and we cannot take advantage of that. I hope we spread this awareness to lessen the harm that billions of dogs experience from around the world. They brighten our worlds because we are their world.

Video Credit SWNS TV‘s YouTube Channel


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