People adopt dogs for a certain purpose. Some want them to serve as guard dogs while some want to use them for breeding. No matter what people’s purpose is, all dogs deserve to be loved.

Charlie is just one of the dogs who suffered from trauma. His former 16-year-old owner gave him away. His former owner used to hit and smack Charlie because he was too nice. He wanted to toughen him up in a very wrong way.

But Charlie is a very nice dog. He wouldn’t change no matter what the boy does. Later on, his owner gave up on him and decided to bring him to the shelter.

Maria then saw that Charlie was up for adoption. She was scared at first. She lives in the UK where all the pit-bull-type dogs are banned. Most of the time, these type of dogs are put down because of how they look.

Despite that, Maria still took the risk. She wanted Charlie so bad. She drove 200 miles (321.87 km) all the way from the UK just to pick Charlie up. Since then, Charlie lived with Maria.

However, Maria was still worried that people might take Charlie away from her. So she decided to get his DNA tested. She found out that Charlie is a Staffordshire terrier, which is not included in the group of pit bulls in the UK.

Maria has now become more relaxed after learning that Charlie would be safe. They still deal with harsh comments from people but who cares. Charlie is a very nice dog with a very loving personality.

Now, He is helping his mom to foster stray kittens, and he loves what he is doing. He loves being with other animals, especially with the little furry ones. He is a very responsible dog.

Charlie just lost his best friend Darwin, the cat. But he is coping up with the help of other cute kittens around him. He is now safe and happily living with his family.

Credit: rescuedbymyrescues



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