A household with a dog makes an exciting life. Pets make everyday life more exciting. Adopting a cute puppy gives a delightful pleasure to every member of the family! If you’re in that planning stage of adopting one, here is a list of items you need to prepare before bringing a puppy home.

Dog crate

This will serve as the private space of your puppy. Purchase a bigger crate anticipating the size of your dog as an adult. You can make dividers at first and remove them as your puppy grows bigger. Inside, put the dog bedding using a cushion or a sturdy pad.

Dog pen

A dog pen separates the exercise area of the dog from human activity space. This is important especially if children are present in the house. The dog pen should be close to enough to the family’s goings-on so that both the puppy and family members interact with each other.

Dog toys

Dog toys are important to provide distraction and recreation. It also helps in the teething and training of the puppy. However, toys which can can choke or chewed off aren’t advisable. Teething puppies need durable toys such as hard rubber of nylon.

Dog food and water bowls

Water and food bowls made of stainless steel or ceramic are best because these don’t tip over. Place a mat under to protect from spills.

Dog collar and leash

Dog collar is part of dog grooming. A dog leash is necessary for dog walks or when taking him out to the vet. Dog collar is useful in the training of the puppy.

Dog grooming tools

Basic dog grooming tools are dog hair brush, flea comb and dog nail clippers. There are specific type of tools depending on the age and breed of dog.

Dog food

Dog food depends on the type and specific need of the puppy. Ask a vet on what’s the best food for your puppy. There are vitamins and minerals that should be present in a growing up dog. Most often, puppy foods can just be bought from dog supply stores.

Puppy is part of the family

Your puppy should feel that he’s part of the family. Cuddle him from time to time but not all the time. Dogs need hydration at all times so keep his water bowl full always. As part of his training, eating time should be on schedule.

Just like humans

Just like humans, puppies feel insecure in a new environment. They cry during the first few nights as they miss their mother, siblings and old surroundings. Visit, pat and talk to your puppy for assurance. Give him a toy or blanket to make him feel warm.

Refrain from cuddling him every time he cries or he might develop a negative habit of barking every time he wants attention. This won’t be good in the long run. In time,  he’ll be able to adjust to his new situation and he’ll be one happy puppy.

It’s advisable to always have the number of your veterinarian handy. So that whatever happens, the vet can give you a professional advice on what to do.

Thanks to https://www.dog.com for the ideas for this article.


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