A lot of people tend to do away with taking in or adopting dogs due to high maintenance costs. Maintenance means all the grueling work that comes along with taking care of the dog: health visits, food, dog toys and dog accessories.

So, what are the things that might allow dog owners to save more money without sacrificing quality?

Do-it-yourself doggy stuff

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Nowadays, DIYs (Do-It-Yourself) are the hottest trends across all platforms over the internet. They are not only economical, but they also allow one to make use of their creative brain to come up with ingenious ideas.

Instead of acquiring store-bought toys, why don’t you try making some of them yourself? Look around your house for materials that you can still creatively use.

If you’re a sewing enthusiast, try making your dogs personalized blankets and beds. Who knows? Aside from making your dog adore you even more, this might also become a start-up business idea.

Groom your dogs at home

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Instead of waiting for your dog to experience dental diseases, why don’t you do the single and most cost-effective way to prevent them: brushing their teeth?

It is scary at first. Watch instructional videos to get tips on how to do this. In this way, you gain more confidence to brush their pearly white teeth.

If you simply go to the dog salon to have their nails trimmed or style up their fur, do them yourselves as well. Fewer separation anxiety issues will ensue as you can do this right inside your homes. Plus, you get to upgrade your skills.

Aside from saving money, this can also serve as additional bonding moments for you.

Prevention is the key

Prevention is better than cure. Keeping regular tabs of his health aids you to proactively manage it. The vet can also make suggestions as to other preventive care he needs.

Involve your dog in leading a more active lifestyle. Instead of leaving him at home while you jog at the park, why don’t you let him tag along? This prevents annoying dog behaviors from developing by allowing him to release pent up energy.

Having a dog doesn’t have to be expensive. Simply make use of everything around you, and that should be perfect. Doggies know you love them by your effort and not by the price tag.


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