Let’s face it; the unfortunate reason many dogs don’t get adopted is that they don’t look as cute as they can be. Some people don’t see the potential that a dog could have past the matted, dirty fur. However, all it takes is one good haircut and bath to change everything for a dog.

Charlie’s story

Charlie is a homeless dog who is a recent addition to the shelter, and they rescued him off the side of the road. His fur was very tangled and matted and had lots of painful burrs in it. Since Charlie was in a high kill shelter, he would need to be adopted very quickly; otherwise, he wouldn’t stand a chance. Thankfully, Charlie got a makeover that would change his life forever.

The grooming begins

A grooming mobile came over and started grooming Charlie. He was shaking and nervous, but he did his best to behave. Because of the state of his fur, the groomers had to shave off all of his hair.

Revealing a new dog

Once the groomer started shaving off more and more fur, a new dog was underneath all the matted hair and dirt. Once all the painful burrs and heavy-matted fur came off, you could see Charlie start to smile with relief as all of the pain and discomfort was going away.

A happy ending

The groomer finished off Charlie’s makeover by giving him a refreshing bath and drying him up while adding a finishing touch of a cute bandana for a collar. Just two days after the makeover, Charlie got adopted. All it takes is a little tender care, and effort and any dog can receive the second chance that they deserve. A haircut was the difference between life and death for Charlie, and now he lives in a happy new home.

Source: The Pet Collective|YouTube


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