Odin was only one of several horribly neglected dogs whom Southern Cross Animal Rescue of Mississipi as well as Southern Pines Animal Shelter rescued from a couple of backyard breeders.

Sydney Schelkopf, who used to be Odin’s foster mom, says that the extent of abuse the Malamute had suffered in the hands of his former owners was so extreme that he barely looked like a dog after his rescue.

Odin had not been getting the attention and nutrition he needed, and it showed on his body—he was weak and gaunt, and his hairless skin was full of sores. Those wounds were giving off a rank odor.

In addition, the pooch was suffering from heartworm. Many of Odin’s teeth were either broken or missing as well.

Image credit: odin_the_rescue_malamute on Instagram

Having spent most of his life at the end of a chain, the Malamute didn’t know what to do with his newfound freedom at his foster home.

Sydney’s heart filled with indescribable sadness when she saw how helpless and confused Odin was; nobody had ever shown him how to live a happy life.

For the first few weeks at Sydney’s house, the pooch cautiously sniffed around but confined himself to a corner. He didn’t want to explore, and his foster mom couldn’t get Odin to play with his toys either.

Still, Sydney patiently nursed the Malamute back to health, spoiling him with love and care along the way. Eventually, both Odin’s health and disposition greatly improved.

The once starving dog soon blossomed into an adorable fur ball who loves snuggling with his humans and giving them kisses.

By that time, Sydney had utterly fallen in love with him, and she decided to become Odin’s fur mom for good.

Now that he has finally realized how much fun it is to be a carefree canine, Odin can’t get enough of it and makes the most of his time whizzing about and playing with his dog buddies.

You can watch Odin’s beautiful transformation in the video below:

Source: Little Paws on YouTube


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