After waiting for some time, your dog has finally given birth to beautiful and adorable pups. Your new mother dog will need your care and careful attention during her recovery period.

Try and not lose sight of taking care of her over all the excitement and attention you’re giving the new members of your family. Your new mother dog will be needing all the rest she can get in order to get back on her feet healthy and strong. So give her time and make things easier for her speedy recovery.

Observe her to see if she is done with her labor and has delivered all her pups. Some dogs may have longer delivery times than others and it’s just normal. The sizes of pups will also vary.

When you see that she’s more relaxed, focused and you don’t see her straining any longer, it’s an indication that she has delivered all her pups. Some dogs may show inactivity longer than others and it’s also normal. Just allow her to regain her strength.

Now it’s time to clean the whelping box by gently moving the mother dog and her puppies. Start removing the dirty towels gently so you can replace them with fresh and clean towels. Make sure that the mother dog and her pups are all dried up, clean and warm in the whelping box. This will help them become more acquainted as the mother dog starts to nurse her puppies.

Help the new mother dog when she is ready to go to the bathroom. Wipe her clean again with a clean damp cloth. You may put her on a leash or bring her to another area where she can be safe. Also, make sure that the puppies are secured in the box as you help their mother go to her own recovery area.

Have her food and water supply ready. Check with your vet what they will recommend as food but some recommend puppy food for additional nutrition right after giving birth. Let your dog eat plenty so she can in turn give the best milk for her pups. Remember that you’re trying to make her life as easy as possible so be attentive to her needs.

A new mother dog will experience a little discharge which is normal but if it seems a lot and frequent and your dog looks weak, bring her to a vet immediately. Continue checking your mother dog until after a couple of weeks after giving birth for any signs of illness, infection, weakness, loss of appetite or any other health related concerns. Immediately bring her to a vet if you notice abnormal discharge, physical or behavioral change.

Keep in mind that some mother dogs may tend to be over protective of their pups so be very careful when cleaning or handling her and her pups. You can also protect them from illness by not letting visitors come until after a month since they may carry with them bacteria that can cause harm to your dog and her pups.

Be happy around her as you go about taking care of her so she will feel your love and support with her new puppies.

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