If your dog loves to chew on anything that he can get his paws on, don’t fret. It’s a normal behavior for a dog to chew. But the real problem is how to stop your dog from chewing your stuff. Indeed dog experts have created chew toys that you can purchase for your beloved canine companion. But if your dog is still chewing on things that he is not supposed to, then it’s possible you need to add more alternatives.

First thing that you can do is to add more chew toys. You can purchase chew toys online, from any pet store or you can ask your veterinarian where to get them. You can try Kongs, Nylabones, knuckle bones, or beef bones that are sterilized and hollowed. You can then stuff hollowed beef bones with your dog’s food or a favorite treat. This will make their chew toys more enticing.

To ensure that your dog will not chew on just anything, you can try placing their chew toys on places where they are allowed to go. This is to help him chew on his toy, whenever he feels the urge to do so. You see, if he can’t find his toy, he will get his teeth on anything, including your favorite shoe. You can’t expect your dog to find his toy basket. Whenever he feels the need to chew, his toy should just be right in front of him.

In addition, don’t forget to reward your dog for specifically choosing his toy instead of the furniture. Also, in case he started chewing on a sock or a shoe, don’t get all excited chasing him. You can reprimand him slowly, but don’t get too playful or excited. Remember, your pet is bored. If you get all hyped up chasing him, he might just continue to choose your stuff over his chew toys just to get your attention.

So, make it more exciting for your dog if he chooses his toy over your slipper. Give him all the patting he needs. Give him a treat and emphasize that you are very happy he is choosing his chew toys. Make a fuss. Make it a big deal. Keep anything out of reach. You can also try using the Bitter Apple spray.

Prevent guarding or aggression issues from developing by not punishing your dog whenever he gets hold of something he is not supposed to have. Again, try to be calm when removing an item from his mouth. You can also trade a small snack or one of his own chew toys for your item. Never chase him if he runs. This will give him an idea that he can get your attention if he grabs your stuff. You don’t want that to happen.

More often than not, dogs can be trained to chew on their own chew toys. As long as you are consistent and provide several acceptable alternatives, you should be good. Be firm but patient and remember that your dog’s chewing is a normal behavior. Be there to guide him.



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