If not all, most of us went through the excitement of going home from school as kids to tell our parents what fun things happened during the day. Our lovely parents would usually take their time and listen to our comic stories and funny moments, and laugh about it.

The same goes with the two Siberian Huskies featured in the video below. Right after their dad picked them up from doggy school, these crazy pooches couldn’t contain their excitement in telling their daddy what happened earlier during class.

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In the first part of the video, we can see the two huskies go inside their car. As soon as dad went in, the dogs immediately went loco and started frolicking and howling. Seems like they are about to tell daddy the most important stories of their dog lives.

Their daddy acknowledges how happy the puppies are. This remark is then followed by a whole lot more of howling, jumping and crazy husky chatter. And maybe a plea to give them their after-school treats for being such good boys.

Daddy maneuvers the car, and then asks them, “Are you ready?” And oh boy, these big babies go extremely enthusiastic. Looks like they are not even halfway through their doggy stories!

The video goes on with a few more minutes of pure, crazy husky antics. Their dad seems to understand everything and he tries to respond by acknowledging the howling and petting them. Daddy gets kisses in return. What a lovely daddy-doggy relationship!

There is no doubt that their dad enjoys their company. We are pretty sure he looks forward to picking up this goofy duo from dog school every day! How can you not love these adorable and chatty furry babies?

Check the video below to listen to these dogs’ stories first hand:

Video source: Youtube Rumble Viral


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