Andy Camera has been eagerly wanting to have a new puppy for a very long time. However, his old place was not suitable to have a pet. So, when he moved to a new home, he immediately got himself a new golden doodle puppy. He named his new baby Charlie.

Just like many fur parents, Andy could not contain his excitement over his new fur baby. He could not wait to let the world know how proud and happy he was about Charlie. But, unlike other pet parents, a run-of-the-mill photo announcement simply would not do for him.

Andy wanted his puppy’s debut to be stupidly over-the-top. Given the length of time he waited and his eagerness to have a pup, this only makes sense. Andy is surely one proud and excited pet dad.

The thought of Disney’s The Lion King came into his mind. Andy decided to recreate the movie’s epic intro to make the grand announcement of his fur baby’s arrival. Of course, Charlie will be the leading cast.

Andy used a makeshift green screen and some video editing skills to make his vision into a reality. Luckily, Charlie was more than happy to take part in the mini-film as if he knew what exactly was going on. After filming, the little pooch took a nap. Andy took advantage of the little pooches downtime. He edited and uploaded the clip.

The announcement was such a massive success that it made Charlie into an instant celebrity. Within days, he earned thousands of Instagram followers. This made Andy concede, saying that his pup is way more popular than him.

That’s okay Andy. For sure Charlie will bring you lots of love and happiness that fame wouldn’t. After all, you already got yourself the wish that you long wanted to have.

Credit: Charlie Kelly Camera



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