On October 5, 2017, a family felt distraught over their little boy who had gone missing for hours. The said boy went missing at around 6:15 in the afternoon. Upon learning that the boy had gone missing, two of the family’s English Springer dogs, Bella Grace, 2 years old, and Madeline, 12 weeks old, began searching for the lost boy, but both were unable to return. Sensing that they couldn’t find the trio on their own, the family contacted the authorities.

Upon receiving the call for help, the Minnesota State Patrol immediately dispatched 200 people to assist in locating the lost boy and the two pups. The task was challenging, even for the patrol troops because their bloodhounds couldn’t even detect the boy’s scent. That time, the boy only had a shirt and a diaper on, which was also a matter of concern because the temperature dropped to 4 degrees Celsius. Also, the boy was lost in a vast cornfield.

The patrollers frantically searched for clues on the boy’s whereabouts. They thought they heard occasional barks. The patrollers fervently hoped for the barks to come from the family dogs, Bella Grace and Madeline. The infrared sensor on the search helicopter detected heat images of the boy and the two dogs, which confirmed their suspicions.

About three hours after the boy had gone missing, the boy was reunited to his family. By the time he was found, the boy was cold and hungry, but managed to get through by counting the corn around him. Thankfully, the boy didn’t sustain any injuries. According to authorities, Bella Grace, through her barks, made the search faster, which is crucial considering the dangerous conditions that the boy was in.

Here’s a video clip of the rescue taken from the infrared sensor of the search helicopter.

Source MnDPS via Youtube


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