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Danka Pushkareva and her husband, Dima, live together with almost 200 dogs in a country home in Russia. They are a picture of a big, happy family.

Danka was a dog lover since she was a little girl. However, she did not have the chance to have a pup in her childhood because her parents were busy. She grew up to be a photographer.

Even though her Instagram page is now filled with photos of dogs, she was once a coveted photographer. At that time, she was so busy with her career that she never managed to be what she really wanted: a dog parent.

Since she has an innate love for dogs, she regularly donates and volunteers to rescue shelters.

When she got married to Dima, she decided to take a break from her exhausting job. They started off taking dogs one after another. Never did they thought before that it would become a serious commitment for them.

The realization came upon when they had their seventh dog, Dago. Dago is a handicapped dog who lost his leg after getting hit by a train. They found them online, and they took him in to be a part of their growing family.

Alas, it was a make or break decision for the dog parents. The poor dog turned out to be worst, he was aggressive towards the other pups due to his head injury. There were even some instances when he would attack her.

She provided all the necessary things for his rehabilitation, training and medical treatments.  They even opted to live away from the city of Moscow, so they can have a wider space to raise the dogs better. Eventually, they took in lots of other dogs.

It wasn’t an easy task for them at all, they hire some people to help them maintain the place. Luckily, they have friends who support them financially in fulfilling their passion. The family that they started became a sanctuary for the abandoned dogs.

Credits to danka_pu via Instagram


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