It’s a sad fact that some humans like to make fun of stray dogs. They hit them with stones, sometimes they pull their tails and do everything they can to cause the dogs pain. This was the experience of a Pit Bull from New Zealand. It reached a point that she was too afraid to go near humans. She wouldn’t dare come close even if they wanted to rescue her.

Saving Nala

Christchurch Bull Reed Rescue found Nala walking on the streets of New Zealand. Clearly exhausted, they rescued her. It took a while for them to rescue the Pit Bull because she would not let anyone come near her. When they finally had the chance to hold her, they took her to a shelter.

According to the volunteers at the shelter, Nala stayed at the far end of her cage for weeks. She did not allow them to approach the cage. Abbey Van Der Plas did everything she could to appease Nala. Unfortunately, her efforts were not enough to help the Pit Bull trust humans again.

That instant connection

Desperate to earn Nala’s trust, Abbey asked for help from her seven-year-old son. Nala could sense something was up, she just couldn’t figure out what. When Zach approached Nala’s cage, she became a different dog. She approached him immediately and wagged her tail. Abbey was sitting beside Zach the whole time.

Nala has transformed completely after that. She was no longer afraid of humans and she allowed them to touch her. Zach gave her tight hugs from time to time and she did not mind at all. After seeing these changes in Nala, the volunteers at the shelter decided that she was ready for adoption. Watch the video below to see Nala’s sweet moment with Zach.

Credits to Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue



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