Matted fur is not only unsightly to look at, but it could also significantly affect the poor dog’s health. It could cause skin problems, including infection, that may be caused by parasites that usually thrive on matted fur. And lastly, clumps of fur may cause pain to the affected dog.

Dogs, whose owners are caring and loving, need not to worry about matted fur because they are usually taken cared of. But dogs from the streets, who have to endure neglect, could only dream of getting rid of matted fur, much less proper grooming. Also, there are people who are willing to help but grooming a stray with years’ worth of matted fur, could be very daunting.

However, one groomer named Kari Falla, took up one arduous task of grooming a stray, which she found on a Facebook page. The said dog almost met with an accident on the road. Fortunately, a kind woman rescued the poor dog, and the pooch was eventually brought to Falla’s grooming shop in Oviedo, Florida. The poor dog arrived at the grooming shop at midnight.

Seeing that the dog needed immediate help, Falla immediately worked on grooming him. The dog was in a bad condition that it was almost impossible for him to take a leak without feeling pain from the skin attached to large clumps of fur. It took Falla three hours of work, which is twice as long than her usual grooming sessions. But Falla was determined to help the dog and didn’t mind how it late it already was.

Soon enough, Falla’s efforts were rewarded when she finally saw the dog that was buried beneath the severely matted fur. He was a sweet and playful dog, who unfortunately is already deaf and blind. But the groomer could feel how happy the dog was after the session. She named him Lucky.

Source Inside Edition via Youtube


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