Our pet dogs are also members of our family, and as members of the family, they also have to contribute to protecting the family’s home. Luckily, many dog breeds were bred to be guard dogs. But some are just more skilled in guarding than others. Let’s check out who they are.

German shepherds

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If you ever encountered a home where there is a German shepherd as a pet, you probably have heard an earful from their loud barking. This breed is blessed with powerful vocals as it helps in their role as guard dogs — a no-brainer choice as the top guard dog from all the breeds around.


rottweiler, purebred dog, animal

Rottweilers are considered as the classic guard dog. They have a fierce look and a thick body that just lets intruders know that he’s not one they should mess with. Just like the German shepherds, they are incredibly protective of their families. This is why they growl and bark whenever there are unfamiliar people.

Doberman pinschers

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Just like the Rottweiler, Doberman pinschers have that intense look about them. They would look at strangers as if to say, “Hey you, I got my eye on you.” Highly intelligent and can easily be trained, they make excellent guard dogs, and you can expect that they will be loyal to their duty.


bullmastiff, dog, grass

The Bullmastiff has a reputation as being strong, fearless, and strong-willed. They should be trained early on to achieve that perfect discipline and skill as guard dogs. They don’t bark a lot which is a bonus for families who prefer a quiet dog. But being quiet doesn’t mean they have less skills to be guard dogs.


boxer, dog, pant

They may look like lounging dogs who are uninterested but don’t let that facade fool you. They are very active and very loyal dogs, and they are great for families with small children. Instead of growling or barking at unfamiliar people, boxers tend to alert their owners of happenings in their environment, like an intruder or perhaps just a visitor.


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