An animal rescue organization saw a german shepherd refreshing himself in a puddle. He was seen roaming around the desert for a couple of months. Henderson, Smith, and McDaneld has been giving food to the canine, tried to stay with him until he is saved

Unfortunately, it does not want anyone to come near him. He is not comfortable with human interaction, so every time they try to catch the dog, but to no avail. It would just keep running away from them.

That’s when they asked help from an organization. They needed to rescue the dog as soon as possible as the heat was getting extreme. The dog kept himself hydrated in a puddle.

Since it was difficult to catch him, as a last resort the team asked help from Dr. Scorr Amsel to use a tranquilizer dart and gun.  It was a terrifying situation as the dog has stayed for hours near a busy highway.

The Dr. finally arrived and was able to tranquilize the dog successfully. The team ran after the dog so they will not lose sight of him. Once the medicine took effect, they carried the dog to a d=nearby hotel to rest for the night.

He was under IVF to provide him the necessary nutrients and fluids. When he woke up, he was still a little apprehensive in allowing anyone to approach him. They needed to start gaining his trust.

In the morning, he was more relaxed and started to open up. He was  brought to the hospital where he got a much-needed bath and facial.

They could have just left him in the desert and not care. But no. The whole team cared enough to make sure that they can rescue this dog who was alone in a hot desert. This is one lucky dog.

Source Hope For Paws via YouTube


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