When one drowns, its when one is in the edge of life and death. Every second count. A man spotted a puppy on the shore, and the man knew that he was struggling for survival.

The man knew he needed he needed to do something so he started rubbing the puppy’s belly. He then proceeded to hold him upside down. Nothing seemed to work.

Time was running out, and this puppy was still not breathing. The man continued rubbing the puppy’s belly, and he heard the dog’s first breath. He kept doing what he was doing, and he listened to the second breath.

It was not enough though as the puppy was still struggling to breathe. He quickly dried the puppy off and went back to rubbing the belly. He also opened the dog’s mouth to help it breathe, and he heard whimpers.

Finally, he was able to hear some small cough. Even with the progress, the puppy was still struggling with his breathing and still needed help. It was very fortunate that the rescuer is so resourceful.

He had an idea to make a funnel out of a plastic bottle to do CPR on the puppy to help him breathe. He was not sure if it was working, but he continued to do it anyway.

The funnel method deemed useful. The dog was finally breathing on its own. The dog was shocked and needed time to process everything. It was good to see the dog moving around again.

This was the dog’s lucky day as his hero came to his rescue. Because of the determination and fast action of the man, the dog would not have been so fortunate.

It’s rare to find a person and help someone in need. Much more for a dog.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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