It is not only in the United States that dogs need rescuing. Dogs all over the world need to be rescued and saved. Every single day is another chance to save more dogs.

For Takis, he is starting in his hometown. Takis has been saving dogs in Greece. He has been rescuing them from all over.

In the trash, in the dumpster, near the ocean, everywhere! People who abandon their dogs calls to tell Takis where they left the dogs. As Greece does not have a spay and neuter program, dogs keep on multiplying.

The more dogs are born, the more dogs Takis needs to save. He has a shelter in Greece that has catered to over five hundred puppies and dogs. But that’s not enough though as there are over one million stray and abandoned dogs in the area.

When Takis comes to rescue them, they are always so excited to see him. It’s as if they know that he is there to save them. He can provide them a warm place to stay, lots of food, lots of love and a big family.

That’s more than enough for a dog. But of course, they still need to find a family of their own. Takis helps these dogs find their forever home.

And when they do get adopted, everything is worth it. Takis even has a sweet little helper, Faith. Takis have adopted faith and she finds pleasure in having puppies under her wings.

She is very generous with her time, milk, and love. She doesn’t mind sharing. In fact, she loves the company and enjoys seeing a new addition to their family.

This family keeps growing, and Takis has no intention to stop. His passion is to save as many puppies as he can. And so far, he is doing great!

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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