A heart that has a soft spot for animals will be filled with them in this life and the next. Fostering dogs is not easy. It’s not easy taking care of them; it’s even harder to see them go to their forever home.

For Candice Miller, what started as a volunteer work turned to something more. She wanted to save so much more dogs that she decided to be a foster mom. Some will be with her for days, others, weeks.

It was different when she met Penny. Penny was just three-days-old when she got the call to rescue her. She told her boss that she needed to go and she drove two hours to pick Penny up.

Penny was breed too early that there was no maternal instinct to help her grow. Miller’s other dog, Kilo helped with that. The time came when Penny willingly drank from the bottle.

It is harder to take care of newborns especially one that bottle-feeds since you need to burp them after feeding. It was a twenty-four-hour job, but Miller did not mind as she was passionate about helping these dogs out.

Miller and her pack of fostered dogs were there for her firsts. The time came when she was already snuggling and cuddling with one of her brothers, Moo.

As time came, Penny started wearing PJs to keep him from getting cold. It was a good look for her. Little details such as these are the most memorable ones.

Miller had no intention of keeping Penny, but when it was time to find a home for Penny, Miller could not help but cry. She cried every day describing it as “like giving away my baby.” Even with no intentions of keeping her, she could not let her go.

And so, Penny stayed and has become part of the family.

Source The Dodo via YouTube


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