Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie is at it again. The adorable vocal French bulldog has become an internet sensation with his hilarious videos his owner shares. His voice is often compared to an opera singer, as he usually belts out long, high-pitched howls instead of barks.

Walter was born on February 15, 2014, in Austin, Texas. He still lives in Austin with his owner, Amber Martin. Together, the two have been asked to appear on several shows, including Good Morning America and The Ellen Show.

In this video shared on August 16, 2018, by Amber, Walter Geoffrey is seen pulling up to a Starbucks drive-thru with his car. He appears in the driver’s seat as if he’s driven there himself. When the woman on the speaker welcomes him and asks what she can get started for him, the French bulldog lets out his famous “opera” singing request. He has his head out of the window as he howls into the speaker. Check out the funny video below:

The Starbuck’s employee apologizes for not realizing it was Walter who had pulled up. She asks him if it’s just going to be his usual order. Walter responds with more high-pitched singing, a few shorter quips,  and then finishes his request with more long howls. The woman repeats the order back to Walter: twenty espresso shots, three and a quarter Splenda sugars, a little bit of cinnamon powder, white foam, and stirred. Then she asks if there’s anything else she can get him.

Walter Geoffrey has one last order, so he belts out another little howl. A venti “puppuccino,” of course! Then the employee asks who the lucky lady is to get the specialty drink. Walter seems a little embarrassed by the question, and the lady apologizes for asking. Too funny!

Credits: Walter Geoffrey the Frenchie YouTube



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